everything burns
the smoke in the back of my throat
as i exhale and my heart is on fire
and all i can see
all i can feel
is me
and you.

i can’t stop what this is
i can’t stop what this will be
i can’t.
i won’t.
i want it
i need it
i can taste it
i can taste you
i can be in you
i can be you
i can be me
i can.
i will.

the words you say to me
while we lead these lives in these places
these houses
these apartments
these rooms
these computers
these messages
these sentences
these words
this is it
this is mine.
this is yours.
this is ours.

time –
an enchanted melody
deliberately delivered off-tempo and out of key
out of agreement
but wanted like a favorite song
that reminds us that we still have so much more ability to feel
so much more to say and to be heard
so much more to give
so much that we want

i am addicted to this memory
and it hasn’t even begun


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