sirens sounding
they pierce through the quiet of the city night
like a sharp knife through a piece of paper
that has your name on it
your words on it
our life in it

i stop for a minute and
listen closer to the sound then
my heart beats with
thoughts of you racing through
my distant memories turning into
blood dripping down my
chin as i bite my lip and remember
the sweet taste of being inside
our heads

i reach
for anything
but there is only what is
the same there was, and will be
and never will be
and never was
and i breathe deep
and try to let you out
and i breathe again.
and again.
and again.

time plays tricks in the dark
circles that sing play a melody to the
hardest parts of the soul to reach
a place where no one ever stays
and yet here i am
stuck bending the clock
backwards and over and
hold onto sand in the hourglass
as it slips through my fingers
and only gets faster

my ears still ringing
my heart still singing
my head still trying
and finding
and listening to the words
from you
and me
and us
and everyone
and no one
and the sirens fade
the streets are quiet
and night begins again


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