tick, tock
make your own clock.
the walls come up,
then fall, block by block.

today is fine.
tomorrow is too.
and yesterday beautiful,
(a memory of you)

i can’t help to feel this way
can’t help the bad waves
i wonder and wander and
shake off the daze

think about what could be
think about you
and us
and me
and wonder

and you and me and you (and me)
and my brain can’t help thinking about all the

but time
it’s not mine
it belongs to others that i cannot find

they take it from me.
they take it away.
they decide what comes. what goes. and what stays.

i try to break free and i listen and sigh,
and wonder what happens with a glance to the sky.

but the walls come up
they rise with great force
i tremble
as they surround me
and tear me off course
of course.

the walls they protect
and they comfort
and they see
that the person they hide
is far from what could be.


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